Wing-Feather Fables


Fables are well-fashioned lies that split the skin of truth. They contain a fringe of magic, threads of faith within their seams. They whisper ~ we are larger than the everyday, greater than the sum of parts, beyond the rim of logic. Fables are a window, open to the Maybe.

“Wing-Feather Fables” is a collaborative project between the photographer Brenda Gottsabend and the writer Lisa Ahn. Our “once upon a time” is a photograph, followed by a story of 500 words or less. The “happily ever after” — or not — is left in a basket on the doorstep to imagination. New fables appear twice a month, on alternate Wednesdays. You can find them by their tags.

About the Artists:

Lisa Ahn writes literary fiction and narrative nonfiction, which sounds more serious than it is. In reality, she makes up quirky tales and stories that dip their toes in magical realism. When she’s not writing, she is reading, homeschooling her two daughters, drinking too much coffee, or pulling socks out of the dog’s mouth. Sometimes all of that happens at once. That’s why the laundry never gets done.\
Brenda Gottsabend is a photographer who chases sunlight and shadows, searching for magic with which to fill the frame. Having retired from the corporate world in 2011, she now packs her days with photography, Photoshop, blogging and a daily dose of dark chocolate. In her role as a volunteer graphic designer for Nest, she has discovered her life’s calling. Proving the adage that it’s never too late.

  1. What an exciting collaboration! I will look forward to your images and stories!

  2. I love the why of the laundy not getting done (lol). And Brenda, thank you for being a constant, living reminder that change is always possible.

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