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Project 52: The Courthouse

Golden Reflections
The courthouse is changing.
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Wing-Feather Fables: Sprinkles for Max

Sit down with your morning libation and enter Max’s world – brought to you by my favorite story-teller, Lisa Ahn. You are in for a treat – one with sprinkles!

There were at least fifty coffee shops inside the city, and Max knew every one. If he heard about a new café, read the advert in the paper, he couldn’t rest until he’d tried it. He’d grab his Suze’s hand and they’d be off, a fedora and a pillbox hat, old folks on adventures.

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Photograph by Brenda Gottsabend; Story by Lisa Ahn

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Project 52


Stark County Courthouse Window


When I began this photographic journey, making images was an almost daily occurrence. I committed to multiple 365 projects – although I never completely succeeded in that quest. But the point was that photography was an integral part of my daily life.

Somewhere along the way, photography has transformed into a special occasion activity. Now I tend to shoot only on weekends, usually as part of a planned “photography road trip” to nearby points of interest. Some of my favorite images have resulted from these explorations and I plan to continue these photographic sojourns.

But as I look ahead to 2015, I am also launching a Project 52 – a weekly photography challenge. The rules? One photograph per week of a Canton icon – the Stark County Courthouse.  I am intrigued to work within these self-imposed limitations – finding 52 different ways to present this historic building and celebrate its beauty within the downtown landscape.

I am also a little scared to commit once again to a regular photography practice – here in public where I will be held accountable for my action or inaction. It is so much easier to stay inside during these winter days – am I willing to make the effort?

But I hope to bring some balance back to my photography – explorations of both the brand new and a deep study of the familiar.

What do you have on tap for the new year?


The Opposite of Shiny



It’s no secret that I love shiny – shiny buildings, shiny windows, shiny reflections.

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Blue-sky Austin

Austin: the capital of the great state of Texas.

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Mobile Month #3


Mobile Month #2



It’s the light and color. The lines and reflections. The sheer joy of experimentation.

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Act 2

One of my favorite buildings in Northeast Ohio is the Cleveland Art Museum. I have featured its magnificent atrium multiple times.

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Emerald City



Like the yellow brick road to Oz, photography has taken me places I never would have found otherwise.

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