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Wise Words Sunday


“Figure out what lights your fire
then chase the match.”

Author unknown

Wise Words Sunday


“Travel light
Live light
Spread the light
Be the light.”

Yogi Bhajan

Today I mark a milestone with the 100th Wise Words Sunday post.
Just writing that makes me smile.

The In-Between


Here we stand – in that in-between time – reflecting on the final days of one year, looking forward to the new.

Take that step. Cross the threshold. Move toward something extraordinary.

Wise Words Sunday



“You have to find
what sparks a light in you
so that you in your own way
can illuminate the world.”

Oprah Winfrey

Wise Words Sunday



“To love beauty
is to see light.”

Victor Hugo

Wise Words Sunday


“It is the photographing
of ordinary things,
in extraordinary light,
which results in
extraordinary photographs.”

David Young

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Travel Light


“Travel light,
live light,
spread the light,
be the light.”

Yogi Bhajan

Today finds us traveling, headed to Illinois – it is pre-school spring break for the world’s greatest grandson and we have some spoiling to do. Wishing you a great week!

Wise Words Sunday



“Never, never rest contented
with any circle of ideas,
but always be certain
that a wider one is still possible.”

Pearl Bailey

Literal Light



It’s true – I have a very literal mind. When the weekly theme is “light”, I give you an actual light. Read the rest of this entry

Invasion of the Shoulds

The “shoulds” have invaded.

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