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Spring Peephole



“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.”

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Perfectly Imperfect



Dear Perfection,

You and I have a long-standing relationship – I have spent much of my life striving to catch you but you skitter away, always just out of reach.

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Wing-Feather Fable: Broken-Hearted

Lisa is back with a new fable – oh, how I have missed her writing. This fable is a haunting story of a mother’s love – and that heart-breaking moment when you realize this: there are things in life from which you cannot save your child.


“Ain’t nothin’ easy ’bout fixin’ broken hearts.”

Poor advice, but it was all that Grandma Lucy gave her when she died. That, and Spangle’s Heart Repair, the family business. Grandma Lucy had been sour, but that didn’t mean she had a market on the truth. Natalie picked up a wrench, set out to prove her wrong.

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Photograph by Brenda Gottsabend; Story by Lisa Ahn

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