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Perhaps a Goodbye



I need to sit down and take a blogging break. Read the rest of this entry


am·biv·a·lence: n. 
the state of having mixed feelings
or contradictory ideas about something or someone.

Lately, I have been suffering ambivalent feelings about this space.

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Going Up?

The Elevator

I am currently between floors – not sure if I’m going up or down.

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Be Inspired Guest Post

Like a Duck


My partner in fables, Lisa Ahn, graciously asked me to write a guest post for her “Be Inspired” series. You will find me there today, sharing how very much I am like a duck. Read the rest of this entry

Without Words

In the year plus that I have been blogging, I have certainly had moments when the words wouldn’t come. When the door stayed locked. When I couldn’t even FIND the door.

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At the Beginning

standing at the bottom
nowhere to go
but up

Postscript: What you see before you is solid proof that I am not perfect – as much as I hate to admit it. I was working on ideas for new posts to be published next week. I liked this image of the tiny graffiti person, poised to ascend the shadow staircase. There seemed to be both excitement and a little fear in her pose. I thought there was a story to be told if I could only find the words. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Holidays!


My holiday cards are in the mail. Off to bring just a small dose of holiday cheer to the mailboxes of family and friends, near and far.

So it seemed only appropriate to “send” this same greeting to you,  my virtual community. You who have turned this little blogging experiment of mine into something special. Something that I didn’t see coming, back in February when I hit publish on my first post. Read the rest of this entry



assimilation as·sim·i·la·tion n.

the process of taking into the mind;
to thoroughly comprehend

Today marks the publication of my 100th post. A milestone, indeed, in the life of a blog.

What have I assimilated in the past 10 months? About myself and my art? What do I now “thoroughly comprehend”? Read the rest of this entry

The Saturday Feature

Each month, Marcie Scudder, creative writer and photographer extraordinaire, publishes a series called “Saturday Salon” where she interviews fellow artists and bloggers. I am thrilled and honored to be this month’s Salon interviewee. Come check out our conversation on her blog, Daily Practice.

Vernazza Antico from Colors of Italy by Marcie Scudder

I am an ardent fan of Marcie’s work. Yes, she is an inspirational photographer but it is the way she combines her images with words that makes her unique. She tells stories – magical, thought-provoking and emotional stories – which engage you on a level beyond the visual. Her writings are a key influence in my own attempts to find the “story” behind my images.

Marcie kindly agreed to share with me one of her “Colors of Italy” images to headline today’s post. It reminds me of a fresh box of Crayola crayons – all that gorgeous, saturated color. Doesn’t it make you happy? And that wonderful Italian light – a photographer’s heaven.

In addition to her blog, Marcie can also be found at Vision and Verb, a global collaboration of women of “this” age, where she serves as a co-author. Please check out her work – I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Many thanks to Marcie, one of my blogging heroes, for the opportunity to spread some “blogging love” today.


The Numbers Game


One of the things that I find disconcerting about the rise of social media and the nature of our digital connections is how easy it is to play the numbers game. Counting our followers, subscribers, Flickr awards, comments, contacts, likes, tweets, mentions, views, re-tweets. Then comparing our totals to others as a measure of our success and our talent or lack thereof.

Everything within the social media landscape is tabulated and charted in painstaking detail. Bounce rates, visitor loyalty, time on site, reach, followers. It is much too easy to analyze and compare; to see where we stand; to agonize over a downward trend.

Obviously, the reason we blog is to share – our words, our art, our heart. With each post, we are initiating a conversation. We click the Publish button, sending our words and images into the dark void of cyberspace. And then we wait. Wait for someone to comment. Wait for visitors. Wait for our numbers to go up.

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