Joy Thief



“Comparison is the thief of joy!”

Arian Behzadi

Behzadi’s quote speaks to the negative impact of comparing your work to the work of others – comparison sucks all the joy out of the creative process.

But it also speaks to another phenomenon – I also compare myself with myself.

I hesitated to share these latest composites because they seemed so similar to other pieces. Where was the growth? The exploration? The pushing to the edge?

And then I remembered this quote. Which brought me back to the whole question of why I do this in the first place – because it brings me joy.

So, here I am, taking back the joy and letting each piece stand on its own – no comparison, no judgment.

Just joy.



Texture Credits
First Image

Florin Gorgan Colorful Grunge #9
Paper Texture (unknown source)

Second Image
Anna J Lenabem Texture #21 and Background Night

Inspired by Photoshop Artistry, an online Photoshop course by Sebastian Michaels


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  1. I’ve experienced both of those kinds of comparisons recently, Brenda. I’ve been looking back at my own photos and wondering why I don’t see the change or growth in them that I do in other people’s. I’ve decided that since I’m basically taking photos for my own pleasure anyway, it doesn’t really matter. Like you, I do it for the joy of it.

  2. No rules, just joy! I guess that applies to rules we gather about growth and change as much as anything else. We have to create for ourselves, first. If not, what’s the point? Thanks for the great thoughts this morning!

  3. What a great reminder! That it’s all about the joy our photography brings us.

  4. A good thought to ponder – when we compare ourselves with ourselves. However, when I look at these images, although similar in style, each is so unique – just like people. Maybe the start of a portfolio or project?

  5. Brava for taking back the joy! Many of us seem to fall into the trap of comparing and feeling inadequate. Thanks for the important reminder. I love the buddha image.

  6. suzettedesertskyblue

    I love this quote. Comparison is what stops me in my tracks most of the time. I’m trying to overcome those feelings. If I like what I’ve created that should be enough!

    I love the images you created here. I left a comment on Flickr. Take care!

  7. I have this quote on my email signature, but I thought Teddy Roosevelt said it. Regardless, it is an important quote for us strivers who are hard judges of ourselves.
    I am enjoying your composites. So creative! Nothing I’d think of doing. They are fun to look at.

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