Wise Words Sunday



“I want to make beautiful things
even if nobody cares.”

Saul Bass


Texture Credits
Florin Gorgan Grunge Textures 11 and 18
Kim Klassen Return
K Pertiet Text

Inspired by  Photoshop Artistry, an online Photoshop course by Sebastian Michaels


Posted on March 15, 2015, in Wise Words Sunday and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. What a wonderful quotation! Me, too!!!

  2. A spiral, curved lines, columns — all work together to make a wonderful image! I love the quote too.

  3. You do create beautiful things! Love this quote and image!

  4. suzettedesertskyblue

    Another fabulous quote! And I love this image. So creative and what amazing color and processing. Amazing grouping of images.

  5. I completely agree with your quote. Me too. Even if it seems trite to others. But, your work is anything but trite. It is creative and adventurous. You are always trying new things. I like the overlay of texture here, with the darker lower edge that pushes my eye upward, along with the architecture.

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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