Desert Dry



In terms of new photographs,  it is dry as a desert here.

Except for my weekly Project 52 courthouse images, my photography is floundering.

I blame it on the bitter cold – after making it outside once a week, it has been a struggle to bundle up and head out again.

But even if there are no new images of note, there is Photoshop – waiting patiently, always ready to play. So I bring you another composite – this time, a surreal desert.

While I wait for a little spring heat.


Texture Credits
Florin Gorgan Colorful Grunge #1 and #18
Topaz Impressions Painting Effects

Inspired by  Photoshop Artistry, an online Photoshop course by Sebastian Michaels



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  1. Well,I don’t see that you’re floundering at all….you’re trying all kinds of new things and the results are amazing. Take this image, for example — now you’re into surrealism! And Spring HAS to be around the corner.

  2. Love this combination of man-made and natural! My photography has been floundering for a few months. I feel stale and not enthused at all. I don’t know what my problem is, since it’s not that cold here and I am going outside. I’ve enjoyed seeing the art you’ve been creating with editing and layering. Maybe we both just needed a break!

  3. Surreal is exactly the word for this, and your processing makes it look like an oil painting. I love it! Yeah, I’m having trouble seeing the “floundering,” too. Though I do understand it, because I’m feeling the same way. Spring can’t come any too soon!

  4. I shared this with my sister, who likes this type of art. Creative and fun!

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