Ghost Train



One of the challenges of composite creation is simply knowing when to stop.The train, the textures, the gear overlay – all came together with relative ease.

But I kept trying to force something else into the composition – it just didn’t feel like there was “enough” – enough content, enough concept, enough thought. So I let it sit for a few days and tried again – adding this and adding that – but nothing seemed to work.

That’s when I realized what the problem was – it was already finished.

Texture Credits
Kim Klassen Friday
Sebastian Michaels Abstract Set 3
2 Lil Owls Heirloom 11

Inspired by  Photoshop Artistry, an online Photoshop course by Sebastian Michaels


I am thrilled to report that last week’s composite was featured on Flickr Explore, receiving over 1,600 views. Considering the fact that I hesitated before even posting – was it good enough to share? – I am so very grateful for the positive response. Thank you.


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  1. Congrats, Brenda! Your pictures deserve lots of attention. Your train is fascinating, the gear overlay is just perfect. It’s good to know when to stop working on an image.

  2. What a clever photo! Congratulations for making Flickr’s Explore page 🙂

  3. I know what you mean. I, too, find it helpful to let images sit for a few days and come back to them. I like this one a lot. Nice combination of drawing and photo.

  4. There’s a great story here. Love the intrigue of your work.

  5. Wonderful composite. Yes, it is hard to know when to stop. Your train stopped just perfectly.

  6. Love your ghost train.. & well done on Explore

  7. I really love the overlay of gears!

  8. suzettedesertskyblue

    Love this one. I want to learn how to use vectors. Everything about this is artful. That bit of orange….so pleasing to my eye.

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