Double Time

One of my go-to photo-editing apps is PicsArt.

And within the app, the two Holga effect options are favorites. “The Holga effects split your image into two overlapping and translucent copies of itself, with each half having different pop art accents, which intersect and overlap in interesting ways.” (PicsArt)

It is that double-exposure, overlapping effect that I find so fascinating – demonstrated here with images from Las Vegas and the San Antonio missions. Disappointingly, it doesn’t work on every type of image – even though I give it a try. But when it works, I love the results and the way it provides a touch of surrealism and adds layers of interest to an architectural image.

Available for both iOS and Android, I encourage you to add the PicsArt app to your mobile editing toolbox.




Posted on March 5, 2015, in Mobile Photography and tagged , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. I marvel at all the wonderful works of art you create and hope that you print and frame some of them.

  2. The app worked beautifully here. Interesting results. I especially like the first two images. I was wondering how you did it before reading your description. I like the unusual textures created by the app. Seeing images like these make me wish I had a smart phone.

  3. Beautiful art! You do a beautiful job of pairing images to overlay! Love the colors, too!

  4. Brenda, you got some very cool effects with this app. It really turns your photos into more abstract works of art. That first image is so fascinating, with its layers of lines and repetition. I’ll look for this app and give it try when I have some time. Happy weekend!

  5. Lovely, I really like the double exposure effect.

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