A Perfect Storm

As everyone knows, this winter has been a challenging one. And while Northeast Ohio hasn’t experienced the extremes of snow-laden Boston,  the month of February broke numerous local weather records.

One recent weekend, a storm threatened, with dangerous wind chills and significant snow accumulations. So we hunkered down at home and I spent two glorious days with no outside obligations – just me and Photoshop.

The starting point for this piece was a photograph of Chicago’s Union Station columns – duplicated and mirrored and textured – now marching on to infinity.

An example of what that perfect storm of time and inspiration and play can generate.


Texture Credits
Foxey Squirrel Grunge #14
Shadowhouse Creations Old Canvas
Bigstock Vector City Background

Inspired by  Photoshop Artistry, an online Photoshop course by Sebastian Michaels


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  1. Yes, thank goodness for indoor photographic pursuits this winter! It’s probably helped keep me sane. I like that duplicate/mirror image effect you’ve created here. I’d like to try that – I’ll have to keep an eye out for the right subject.

  2. Yes, the winter weather is perfect for playing with Photoshop. I love that you mirrored the columns. Very creative.

  3. The perfect image to mirror! Love the beautiful colors and textures you’ve added!

  4. I have to jump in here (from Boston) and echo your sentiments. As wild and crazy as its been – its allowed for forced ‘creative/learning’ time. Love your image. Love seeing how you’re playing in photoshop here. A ‘perfect storm’ – :-)!

  5. excellent use of your forced indoor time 🙂

  6. You can produce excellent and intriguing images using whatever camera and software you have. I admire that. Great sense of perspective here.

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