Project 52: The Courthouse

Snow Framed

There are good and bad things about starting a weekly photography project in January – in the heart of an Ohio winter.

The good: It may be winter in Ohio but its the beginning of the project and your enthusiasm is high, so you brave the winter weather with equanimity.

The bad: its winter in Ohio. And so, you are out there in the bitter winter winds, hands burning with cold, wrapped up like an Eskimo, tramping around in snow up to your boot tops. Most days, the light is terrible, with flat white skies and flying snowflakes, obscuring your subject.

But you are only 8 weeks in and down the road you know that spring will come and the light will go soft and the courthouse will be surrounded with the pale green of new growth.

And you’ll be there to capture it all.

Here are my favorite images from weeks 5 through 8.


Winter Sunbeams

Twin Pillars

Courthouse Reflected


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  1. We are in the sunny south (and having a more wintry winter than normal), but visited the Cleveland Clinic last week for a consultation. The weather was frightening and the days we were there were a couple of good ones. Temperature was -15 when we left the hotel for the airport. Not only to I admire your photography, I also admire your tenacity! The project is wonderful and you will have a portfolio of compelling images at year’s end. I’m rooting for you.

  2. Despite the winter cold, you’ve brought a lightness and a bit of whimsy to these photographs of the courthouse.

  3. Oh boy, do I ever know that Eskimo feeling! It seems like about 95% of my photography has been done indoors for months now! Even my “outdoor” shots have mostly been taken from (or through) my windows. But I love this beautiful, hopeful phrase you wrote, “spring will come and the light will go soft…” Oh, yes! Here’s to soft light and tender green growth! Brava to you for carrying on with your project through it all.

  4. You have the most beautiful courthouse I have ever seen! I love the clock tower with its heralding angels in the snow! Beautiful! A full picture of the courthouse would be beautiful, but I love seeing every little detail! I love the series you’re doing and your so brave to get out in the cold! I get out at home, but it don’t go anywhere much!

  5. I love them all! Good for you for going out in the cold snow to take photos. Another advantage of winter is that there are no leaves on the tree, as in the first image.
    I like each of these images for their uniqueness and their (or course) excellent composition and graphic design. The reflections in the windows are marvelous–the reflections seem to be the source of light in the second image. Interesting how different the reflections look in each photo. At the end of the year, you are going to have a marvelous collection of photos.

  6. I can’t imagine- well done for getting out there! These are great shots- my favourite is week 6 – I like the soft ness of it.

  7. Big kudos to you for getting out in the cold and continuing with your project, I don’t think I could it. What a beautiful building this is, and each of your images shows such a different view. I love the window reflections you’ve captured and the wonderful pillars.

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