Color Explosion

Painted right on the wall of the lobby mezzanine, this explosion of color is one of the signature art pieces at the Akron Museum of Art.

The piece, entitled “Wall Drawing #1240“, is by Sol Dewitt. It was created especially by the artist for the wall where the museum’s 1899 Building and the Knight Building interconnect. The triangular shapes refer to the angled supports and folded forms of the glass and steel lobby, while the blocks of color echo the brick wall removed from the south façade of the 1899 Building. (from the Akron Art Museum website.) 

Playing with my new telephoto lens, these images celebrate the interactions of the art and the glass bannister in front, combining reflections of the surrounding building and the colorful rectangles behind.

Making art from art.



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  1. The are beautiful abstract window/art reflections, Brenda.

  2. What fun to see such colorful pictures from you. 🙂
    I can’t tell if the first one is one image or two images put together.
    The second one is especially lovely–combining color and monochrome and reflections. Excellent composition.
    In the last one, I wish the monochrome part was stronger, with more contrast, to balance the strong colors. Wonderful diagonal lines.
    How long is your telephoto? I like how you gradually expand your equipment as you are ready to try something new.

  3. I can’t even begin to tell what’s going on here, but I love it! I too like the blending of color and monochrome in the same image. These are amazing abstract art.

  4. Love the colour! I particularly like the middle one, really interesting lines & reflections.

  5. These are beautiful! Not only that, they make me smile and make me want to play!

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