Project 52: The Courthouse



Here is the first round-up of images from my 2015 Project 52 – my favorite images from the first four weeks..

In addition to the challenge of photographing the same subject each week, I took on this project to bring regular shooting back to my routine. Something inviolate and scheduled. A commitment to myself and my photography. A no-excuses, get-out-of-the-house-and-shoot kind of commitment.

And it’s working. I never “wanted” to go – to bundle up and fight the winter elements – but I was always glad that I did. And the extreme limitations – to create one good image of the courthouse each week for a year – mean that I am focused, my head spinning with ideas.

Only 4 weeks in – but it was a good 4 weeks. Just 48 more to go.




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  1. These are fabulous, each and every one. If I had to pick a favorite, it’s probably the second one. The way you’ve framed the archway and the building behind it looks like something from antiquity. I’m really excited about your project! I can tell you are too – I can see it in these images.

  2. When I first read about your project I couldn’t imagine finding that many ways to photograph a building. Notice the “I”. I KNEW you could!! I can’t wait to see more intricate details of this beautiful building. I won’t be picking a favorite because there’s no way! They’re all amazing!

  3. Following you through this adventurous exercise is going to be wonderful fun. I’ll be watching week-by-week.

  4. These are just wonderful, Brenda. I especially like the one through the archway. I’m sure the people at the courthouse/government would enjoy seeing these too.

  5. I would say a very fine month of images! Each one is distinctive, with a different style and tones. I love the variety! What a fascinating project you’ve started.

  6. These are four outstanding images. Love them all. The first one reminds me that your “pie” photos were the first of your work I saw, and I still find them compelling in their simplicity.
    Excellent dof and framing in the second image, and processing. Light and shadow, another Brenda theme, shine in a simple image for number 3. Beautiful and fascinating reflections in the last image–framed, colorful, fun.

  7. suzettedesertskyblue

    My second visit to these images. Spectacular work!

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