On Being Open


Most of my favorite Las Vegas images were taken with my smartphone.

A quiet revolution, perhaps? Too early to tell. But there is definitely a shift.

Even though I understand that my Olympus delivers higher quality images, I am being seduced by my “little camera”. By its ease of use and the fun of editing.

Till I owned a smartphone myself, I was a bit of a camera “snob” – I didn’t believe I would ever give up “shooting RAW” and “settling” for camera phone images instead. I was blinded by my own preconceptions of what a “real” photographer should do.

So here are a few favorites from our trip to Paris and Venice – via Las Vegas. And my “little camera” – teaching me a thing or two about creativity and remaining open.






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  1. What fun you are having. And, the images are really wonderful. It doesn’t hurt that you understand composition and such, does it?

  2. Of course I would love this composition…I’m speaking of the first image. Amazing point of view and glorious treatment. I so appreciate your talent…in everything. Have a wonderful week!

  3. You’re doing incredible work with your Smartphone, Brenda. Jay Maisel says being open is the key – not necessarily which kind of camera you’re using.

  4. Art is less about the tools used to create it and more about the techniques. Because wouldn’t that be a shame that only those with the best equipment could be considered artists? I love the way you see and these edits are just incredible!!

  5. I love that very fancy piece of “pie in the sky” with a bite taken out of it! 🙂
    I see you got to the Valley of Fire, too…I’ll have to go check out your Instagram feed. As has been said so often, it’s not the camera that takes the picture. Despite its limitations, I find that I get some of my favorite photos these days with my iPhone camera. I think it’s because it’s so free and easy — it lets me be spontaneous and just have fun with it.

  6. Brenda, these are wonderful!

  7. These are wonderful! You have the talent to take amazing pictures with whatever camera that happens to be in your hand!

  8. great shots, love the last one.

  9. These are wonderful, Brenda! Of course, my fave is the last one with the arches. Yesterday I went on an outing with my husband, who has a new iPhone 6, and he got better images with I got with my Elph. Hmmmm.

  10. Love them all! Outstanding negative space in the first image, as well as intriguing position of the structure.
    Outstanding details, sharpness and colors in the second–definitely a Brenda photo.
    The dark vs. light along a diagonal in the third image makes it strong, and worth a further look.
    Perfect composition in the fourth image; the warm color makes the architecture stand out against the black.
    Who would have thought such outstanding images would come from Las Vegas?
    I have smart phone envy.

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