It hasn’t happened yet – I haven’t had my fill of photographing the Cleveland Museum of Art atrium.

On this Saturday afternoon, I was there to attend a photography exhibit entitled Forbidden Games: Surrealist and Modernist Photography. The exhibit was eye-opening and informative (post-processing is definitely NOT a new thing). But for me, the real attraction of the day continued to be overhead: this soaring grid of glass and steel.

Unlike on previous visits, the skies weren’t blue but the bland pale gray of winter. So I concentrated on capturing the abstract nature of all those lines and shapes, playing with the almost-but-not-quite black and white nature of the resulting images.

After all, who needs blue skies?




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  1. Isn’t it fun to “never get your fill?” Always something new to explore, especially museums…they are the best. Enjoy yourself.

  2. Such great patterns and lines! So good that you’ve found a place that stimulates your eye and offers wonderful opportunities for your camera.

  3. I can see why you never get your fill! Just move a couple of inches one way or the other and you see something totally different! Love the almost B&W look!

  4. great overhead shots, lovely lines & angles as always.

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