Wise Words Sunday



“An artist cannot fail;
it is a success to be one.”

Charles Horton Cooley


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  1. I really love this…the double exposure, the colors, and the lines! So well done! It’s a piece of art that needs to be framed! Love the quote, too. You certainly are an artist!

  2. Would work as a beautiful architectural rendering…but you do it via camera and talent!

  3. Fascinating and very artistic image…and great quote! Happy Sunday, my friend.

  4. Exquisite!

  5. Marvelous! Love the lines, the duplication, the white and colors, the composition. Was it a double exposure? How did you process it? (I’ve been away for a bit and am working my way backwards through your blog.)

    • Anita – this was a smartphone image and app processing. The “double-exposure” look was created with a “holga” effect in the PicsArt app. Other than that, I don’t remember the steps for how I got to this final result. While I love editing on my phone, the one downside is not being able to easily recreate something that “works” since my process usually involves several apps/effects in a completely experimental fashion. But that is also part of the charm – you never know where things may end up.

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