The In-Between


Here we stand – in that in-between time – reflecting on the final days of one year, looking forward to the new.

Take that step. Cross the threshold. Move toward something extraordinary.


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  1. Yes, to your comments.
    The circles of light are perfectly placed. (Is this a texture? Can you link me to it?) Lovely textures. Such a simple image, but perfect for your subject.

  2. Anita – this was one of those “surprise” images – taken in a re-purposed warehouse where I didn’t expect to discover anything photographically interesting. I love being surprised in that way.

    This photo was taken and processed on my smartphone. The circle texture is one of my favorites from the Handy Photo app – available for both Android and iOS. I think you have commented previously that you don’t like processing on the tiny phone screen – it certainly takes some getting used to but I am enjoying the process.

  3. Speaking of extraordinary this image is just that. I love it along with the accompanying words. Looking forward to seeing where your photography takes you in 2015.

  4. I always imagine such interesting stories in your photos. This one makes me think of the X-Files…the truth is out there. I’m sure there really must be “something extraordinary” in that light, if only I could be brave enough to step into it.

  5. This is wonderful, Brenda, and a perfect metaphor for the upcoming year.
    I wish you a bright and beautiful New Year!

  6. There is something so beautiful about this image. It caused me to stop and pause, one of my favorites.

  7. This is just spectacular Brenda, descending the staircase and walking toward the light! Happy New Year!

  8. The image is moody, yet with the light downstairs…I’m beckoned to follow. Hoping for a fabulous New Year.

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