Wise Words Sunday


“Be the same person you are in the dark
that you are in the light.”

Thomas S. Monson


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  1. Love the grunge look! Great quote to go with it, too!

  2. So… did you consciously position the upper left hand corner of the window to be the exact center of the photo? I only ask because I compose with such subtleties once in a while and nobody ever sees it but me. Whether it was intentional or not, I think this works because of the tension set up by the “off-center” window. Nice!

    • Janith – I doubt that I put that much thought behind the cropping that I did on this image – I just did it until it “looked right”. But I will take the credit anyway. 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind comment.

  3. Great image and quote . . . it can be hard to be that same person but I try.

  4. Interesting detail around that window. This looks like a very old building. I love the texture of the stone wall.

  5. Now this is a quote to ponder. Your image is fascinating too…..perfect pairing.

  6. A different look for you. Nice repetition of shapes. Great textures!
    Interesting quote.

  7. I love Janith’s comment. You’re able to see architecture in such an enlightened way that your compositions are automatically fantastic. Love this. And the quote…are you LDS?

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