We Forgot the Alamo

It was on the original plan.

There we were in San Antonio but somehow, we failed to visit the Alamo. Really – who travels to San Antonio and forgets the Alamo?

I blame it on the 18-hour marathon we endured to reach Texas – plane de-icings, mechanical malfunctions and missed connections all conspired to turn our planned 1:30 pm arrival into 11:30 pm.

And then there was the pre-wedding excitement that had my brain and heart fizzing – let’s just say that I wasn’t quite up to my usual travel planning standards.

But we did spend a morning visiting two of the four missions that make up the San Antonio Mission Trail – Mission Concepción and Mission San José. As you can see from these images, I was in arch heaven.

On our next visit, I promise: we will remember the Alamo.

(You can see additional Mission images in my Instagram feed – follow along at @brenda_gottsabend)


Textures by Pixel Dust Photo Art


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  1. Oh, these are all stunning, Brenda. The texture you’ve added really accentuates the vintage feel. The last one is my favourite for its simplicity.

  2. How wonderful! I’ve been meaning to get to San Antonio to visit the missions. Your images really have me in a hurry now. Wonderful vision and texture work! Happy wedding too!

  3. Oh my goodness, lol, but to make you feel better there are NO photos allowed inside the Alamo. The San Jose, is probably my favorite mission…love the textures!

  4. In 1997, I worked in San Antonio for 4 months. Every time I was down by the River Walk, the Alamo was closed. I never saw the inside either. 😉

  5. Wonderful arches! I like the last one with the colors in the arch! I would love to see these missions in person!

  6. I love the mission photos, especially that last one. I’d like to just sit quietly on that bench for a while. Or is it a table? In that case, I’ll just sit on the floor in a corner.

  7. This is beautiful work, Brenda! I am a big fan of missions too, and you’ve captured the wonderful arches so lovingly. The alamo will wait till your next visit.

  8. These are lovely, especially with the texture you’ve added. There’s something very warm and welcoming about arches.

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