Mobile Month



November is a big month for our family.

My son is marrying the girl of his dreams on the 22nd and we will be traveling to Austin for the festivities (plus a few days of fun in San Antonio). We return to Ohio in time for Thanksgiving and to host a reception here for family and friends unable to travel to Texas for the wedding.

As a result, holiday preparations have been placed on an accelerated time schedule. The Thanksgiving Day menu has been decided. The Christmas decorations will go up before we leave. My holiday shopping is complete. Reception decorations and favors are in their final stages of assembly.

Within this whirlwind of activity, there hasn’t been much time for photography. And the upcoming weeks promise more of the same.

So I’m tagging November as “mobile” month – where I will share smartphone images but (most likely) few words.

As you and your family prepare for the upcoming holidays, I wish you a month of thanksgiving and gratitude. See you on the other side!


And speaking of the girl of his dreams, my soon-to-be daughter-in-law has an adventure in paradise for you. Her company, Happy Living, is hosting their first-ever Epic Adventure in Cozumel, Mexico on Sunday, March 8 through Saturday, March 14. A small group of participants will experience this unique getaway: learning and relaxation, adventure and happiness. Challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone… in paradise! Learn more and register today:


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  1. How exciting, Brenda. I hope you enjoy every minute of the celebrations ahead. Your gorgeous image really reflects the post.

  2. Wow, sounds like a crazy but exciting time. Wishing you and your family lots of love and laughter and that your son and daughter-in-law have the most amazing day.

  3. What an exciting month (and busy!) for your family, Brenda! Enjoy each special moment and share a photo when you can. Your future daughter-in-law sounds like a happy addition to your family.

  4. Brenda, thank you for the lovely shout-out 🙂 We really appreciate all your help with everything. Yes, it is going to be a month to remember… and I’m so excited to officially become your daughter!

  5. How exciting! You sound like you’re on top of everything! Good for you! I’ll be looking forward to pictures of the special day!

  6. You are as organized as the building in your photo. Enjoy!

  7. I love the double meaning of “mobile” here. Exciting times ahead! It’s a good thing you’re so disciplined and well-organized. Enjoy it all and take lots of memories, even if you don’t have time to take a lot of photographs.

  8. Exciting times for you–enjoy every minute. I will enjoy seeing your mobile shots and look forward to more detailed posts once things settle down a bit.

  9. I’m so, so excited for you!! Have a great time. Also, I love this image — swirly, reaching dreams.

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