High Drama



Have you ever been gob-smacked by the creative work of another artist?

That’s what happened to me upon seeing the photographs of  Julia Anna Gospodarou, Architectural Fine Art photographer. For me, her dramatic black and white photographs are incredibly inspiring – not only for the images themselves but also for her post-processing magic.

I don’t have (and probably never will) her sense for tonal subtleties. I don’t have comparable equipment – a tilt-shift lens and a professional-grade dSLR.

But I do have the desire to learn and push myself. Featuring buildings from New York, Columbus and Cleveland, I bring you my version of architectural high drama.




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  1. And a awesome version it is!
    Can you explain the post-processing involved ?

  2. Very dramatic! Funny, I recently came across Julia’s work too. Interesting stuff on (en) vision-ography.

  3. These images bring your outstanding graphic vision to a new look. They are excellent. The inspiration you got from Gospodarou works well with your own compositional abilities. I like these images very much. The B&W makes them dramatic. I hope you continue to explore this new approach, but, don’t lose your own approach.

  4. I love your perspective and how you continually grow.

  5. Stunning! Love the B&W dramatic effect! I’m on my laptop (smaller screen) and as I scroll to see the last image, it just keeps growing and growing. Very cool!

  6. These are stunning, Brenda!
    Gorgeous work.

  7. Wowee, zowie, Brenda! These take my breath away! Seems like Gospodarou is the perfect muse for you.

  8. These are SO striking – very film noir!

  9. You may not have professional-level equipment, but you certainly do make the most of what you do have. These are amazing images, demonstrating your love of architecture and your mastery of photography.

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