Beneath the Surface



Apparently, my “little camera” has X-ray vision.

Well, not really. But post-processing can make it so.

I can’t even begin to document how I arrived at this final result – the ins-and-outs; the app-to-app back and forth. I’m not sure I’ll be able to recreate this effect again.

But somehow I ended up here – in the neon glow of an architect’s dream.

And there is something in this image that speaks to me – with the solidity of surface peeled away, exposing the bare contours of geometric structure.

Highlighting what I love about architecture – the lines that speak to my heart.


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  1. Woah, this does really emphasize the lines. I think you should do some visual journaling on your lines. 🙂

  2. Wow, this is fantastic! Amazing what a little processing can do!

  3. If YOU can’t remember the process, the rest of us are left far behind! Whatever convoluted processes you used, they are pretty impressive!!!!! The “bones” of old structures can be revealed..I can think of many ways this could be useful. So put on that discovery-thinking cap and recall the process and do it again and again. Find an old church, school, whatever and apply this magic ! Kudos to you….once more.

  4. This is terrific, Brenda! The “X-ray image” is fascinating and so Brenda! Love your explorations with your new apps.

  5. Spectacular! This one made me “Oooh” out loud. Having spent many years working in architects’ offices, I can tell you that this is indeed a very authentic looking architectural rendering, with a kick. I love it!

  6. This is wonderful, Brenda.
    Whatever you did, it sure worked well.

  7. Great post-processing. Lovely result.

    I wish that each layer in Photoshop, instead of naming itself “Layer 7” would name itself “Filter: Dry Brush” and include the parameters chosen. I know I can create an Action to record my steps, but I usually only do that for things I have to repeat often. (I’m restoring over 500 old Kodachrome slides that I had transferred to digital —and almost all need the same procedures. If I save only 2 minutes per photo, that’s almost 17 hours.)

    Maybe there is a way to figure out exactly what was done, perhaps some hidden code in the file, but if there is, I don’t know how to find it.

    • I don’t usually have problems with Photoshop recreating how I achieved my final result. What I am struggling with is a way to record the editing steps on my smartphone. This particular image was edited by multiple apps with multiple steps within each app. When I begin the process, I don’t know where I am going – I’m just playing around, trying this and trying that to see what happens. When I end up with something that I really like, the ins-and-outs are lost. I do have the interim images saved out of each app but not the order in which they were processed, nor the steps taken within each app. It is a conundrum that I am still trying to solve. I know I could write down the steps as I am editing – but that interferes with the free-flowing creativity of play that is part of what I love about the mobile photography editing world. Maybe we simply accept the gifts we are given and don’t worry about recreating them.

  8. wow, wow, wow! I love the “bones” of the building, the blue glow. A new favorite!

  9. I agree with earlier commenters…this is an amazing image. It is simultaneously stripped of unnecessary detail and, yet, it is incredibly detailed.

    As for keeping track of the processing, maybe you could record your voice as you work your way to the final product.

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