The Arcades


Windows to the sky. Engineering miracles, dozens of feet in the air.

New-to-me structures, the 5th Street Arcade and The Arcade have been part of the Cleveland scene for over a century – both landmarks now renovated into retail/dining streetscapes supporting hotels.

For me, beauty on high.


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  1. Amazing structures, beautifully captured by your lens.

  2. wow, such richness. can’t pick a favorite out of these.

  3. We stayed in the hotel three years ago while on a Road Scholar trip. What a treat to be in that marvelous space for several days.

  4. I wonder if, in the distant future, people will look at today’s buildings and think, “That’s so amazing. How did they do that?” or, “They just don’t build things like that anymore.” It always makes me happy to learn about places like this that are being restored and maintained for us to enjoy. Your photos, as always, capture this space beautifully.

  5. Marvelous, marvelous photos of these beautiful structures. How do you do it? I like them all. I’m especially impressed with the composition of the first–how you got the two sides to come to a V in the lower left corner, and be so well aligned. I think you don’t use a tripod, right? Are you using a wide angle lens? Beautiful light.

    • Thank you Anita. All these images were taken with my Olympus PEN (although I also took similar images with my smartphone). I do not use a tripod but simply lined up the upper balcony with the bottom of the frame in my LCD display. I then fine-tuned the perspective in Photoshop so that both sides were aligned with the frame edges. I also had much help with a single-image HDR technique from Scott Kelby to account for the great dynamic range of the scene. Originally, the balconies were almost in silhouette, against the strong light coming in through the atrium.

      These structures really are quite stunning – a photographer’s dream.

  6. I want to add that one thing I love about these fabulous photos is that you capture the modern look of the skylights along with the old architectural details. That is one thing that fascinates me when I walk into spaces like these. I’d love to see these printed LARGE!

  7. Stunning image! You’re right…an engineering miracle!

  8. Truly amazing lines, Brenda!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  9. Such a beautiful space

  10. I love these soaring images!!!

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