Mission Revival

Bringing you a taste of Mission Revival architecture – from where you least expect it. Not the Southwest or California but here in downtown Canton, Ohio.

The wonders of photo processing never cease to amaze me. With the photographic image as raw material, the possibilities are endless. Adding smartphone apps to my processing toolbox has increased those possibilities exponentially. I am the proverbial kid in the candy store, floating on a sugar high.

With this image, things come full circle – from smartphone back to Photoshop.


Texture Tuesday Processing

  • Process image on smartphone, including straightening, cropping, tone and color adjustments, pencil sketch and light textures. Apps used: Photo Editor (Android) and PicsArt Photo Studio (iOS and Android).
  • Transfer the completed mobile phone image to the PC and open in Photoshop
  • Process my mid-tone contrast action to bring out the texture and details
  • Add the Providence texture, blend mode = Linear Burn. Mask the building with a dark gray to lessen the impact of the texture on the drawing, allowing the texture to become the sky
  • Add an overall levels adjustment to increase the contrast especially in the highlights

Here is the Photoshop layers palette and the original Samsung Galaxy image:

Sept-23-Layers-Palette Sept-23-Before

Kim Klassen {dot com}

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  1. Wow! Amazing transformation. I love what you’ve created.

  2. Totally amazing. It’s all about seeing possibilities and you see them.

  3. Love your processing! This looks like an architect’s rendering (or an artist’s) for some very expensive brochure. And I mean that as a compliment. It’s amazing what you did with that photo.

  4. Brilliant. Do I see a peak of the American flag in the window? You have to know your apps and PS very well to execute so many steps and know what each will do to your image. It is a total surprise, well to be expected from your talents, to transform one photo so beautifully. I definitely prefer the processed on this picture.

  5. Thanks for sharing the original image. What a fantastic transformation!!!! Fantastic result, though the white area lower center isn’t my favorite.

  6. Ooh, I like what you did with this.

  7. Amazing edit! I love it!

  8. So clever and creative!! What wonderful post-processing. Amazing transformation – :-)!

  9. Amazing work. I’m guessing some locals would not connect the finished image with the original subject.

  10. Silver Bird Photography

    This is wonderful! Thought of you this past weekend when I was on a retreat and visited downtown Bardstown, KY. Thought of your architectural photography, I admire it so.

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