Wise Words Sunday


“Life is like an escalator.
You see, it carries you on regardless.
And you might as well enjoy the view
and seize every opportunity while you’re passing.
Otherwise, it’ll be too late.”

Sophie Kinsella


Posted on September 14, 2014, in Wise Words Sunday and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. Such beautiful colors and composition.

  2. Oh, you have transformed what some could say is the everyday – an escalator, into something sublime. So beautiful! And, I heartily agree with Sophia Kinsel…seize the view. You clearly do, with your camera everyday. Thank you for your gorgeous work!

  3. Fantastic image, even before I knew it was an escalator. Wonderful lines, light, color. Balanced yet different. I like how the stairs have such a different look on each side! Excellent work.

  4. So wonderfully seen! I agree with everyone else…architectural design transformed into art by you. Amazing how you see!

  5. You are amazing! This photo is clear evidence of what I’ve suspected for a long time…that you have the ability to levitate. How else could you get a shot like this?

  6. Great analogy and wonderful image, Brenda!

  7. love this shot- great perspective.

  8. Fascinating image and perfect composition! I like Leon’s comment, so levitation…that’s how you do it!

  9. The quote is so true. Nevertheless, I find myself torn between dragging my feet because time goes by so quickly and wanting to rush ahead to see what comes next.

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