The First

The “firsts” hold a special place in our heart.

As knowledge is gained and skills improve, that first imperfect step still retains a certain radiance; its sense of new beginnings.

This is my first Instagram photograph. There I was, fumbling around with finger swipes and taps and pinches, overwhelmed by this new technology. But really just playing; trying out this and that; experimenting. Seeing what I could create within the confines of this tiny screen. Frustrated and exhilarated in equal measure.

And then I randomly tapped an arrow and found myself at the share screen. The image wasn’t “done” but I didn’t know what else to do. So I let it go, sailing away into this new mobile photography universe.

I don’t yet know where this new form of photographic expression will take me – but this image will always hold a special place in my heart as “the first”.

You can find me on Instagram at brenda_gottsabend

Linking with the August Edition of the Photo-Heart Connection, hosted by Kat Sloma


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  1. Hi and congratulations on your FIRST. I actually really enjoy Instagram. It isn’t formal or fussy, just SOOC photos for many of us folks. I also can choose whom I wish to enjoy or follow, takes but a few minutes to scroll through and can just click “like” if they wish. It is a fun way to show less formal photography. My grandkid antics often show up there!!! Anyway, have fun with it. And enjoy those you follow. Hope you had a lovely August….

  2. Great photo for your start with instagram.

  3. Those firsts can hold us captive but sometimes in the best possible way.

  4. Cool image and very “Brenda”! A nice start on Instagram. I remember my first…but there haven’t been many more since. I’m not sure why, I just don’t use it very often. Anyway, I’m going over there to follow you, my friend.

  5. I think it is always so nice to have things such as this to look back on.
    By the way, I love the image! 🙂

  6. Wow! I think that image is just perfect for your first Instagram image. I’m glad you let it go.
    I actually don’t use Instagram very often, but will look for you.

  7. Great image! Love how the lines lead right up to the light! Good luck with your new phone and Instagram!

  8. Good for you… it’s always the 1st step that is the hardest… Enjoy all that is done and not quite done and even those things that are overdone.

  9. It will be exciting to see what you do with your phone camera and the many apps that are available. It will be fun to see what you come up with…

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