The August Break 2014 #1


Once again, it is time for the yearly August Break, hosted by Susannah Conway.

As summer slowly winds its way to a close, we take a pause from words to rejuvenate our blogging selves. If you like, there are daily photography prompts to follow. But there are no rules – participate in whatever way works best for you. Join in, won’t you?

See you on the other side!

(I am extremely grateful for your comments – your feedback feeds my creative soul. But in the true spirit of “taking a break”, I will be shutting off comments for the month – giving you a chance to simply pause here each day with a new photograph, trusting that moment will bring you pleasure.)



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  1. Great graphic image, as usual. I notice that you left a white strip across the bottom. I might have taken that out, but, that would have been a mistake. The strip grounds the image.

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