Wise Words Sunday



“I’ve never seen a monument
erected to a pessimist.”

 Paul Harvey


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  1. Oh, how I love that perspective! Positively soaring!

  2. I don’t expect anyone will ever erect a monument to me anyway, but this is still a timely reminder to look up!

  3. Fantastic perspective, Brenda!

  4. This gorgeous shot is a neck breaker! Love the beautiful reflection!

  5. A fascinating image. I love it! I simultaneously see a tall skyscraper, and a spreading mirror reflecting other buildings. It is one of those images that one needs to look at for a while. Really excellent.

  6. Love the POV! It’s as if I’m standing there…straining my neck to see the top of the skyscraper. I especially love the quote. I always loved listening to Paul Harvey…I guess I’m showing my age. The image is as always, wonderful!

  7. It takes an optimist to look up like that! Great perspective, especially with the reflections at the bottom to give it weight. Paul Harvey’s name takes me back……

  8. The quote made me laugh–because it is so true–and then I noticed the authorship. I always enjoyed Mr. Harvey’s dry wit and no-nonsense approach to life. And, as always, I appreciate how you marry word and image.

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