Sometimes it’s all about stability and balance and symmetry.

About everything in its place. Finding that sweet spot of steadiness and equilibrium and moderation.

Being centered.


Texture Tuesday Processing (Photoshop CC 2014)

  • Process Pioneer Woman Photography Boost action
  • Add the Phoebe texture, blend mode = Multiply
  • Process my midtone contrast action to enhance the texture details
  • Add a Levels adjustment to increase overall contrast, especially in the highlights
  • Add a Saturation adjustment, increasing the saturation of the violet tones in the window reflections

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette:



Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. Your words are really interesting, I wonder whether your talking about balance & centredness in photography & in this image or in life- or maybe both.

  2. Love the pairing of words and image. I totally relate! Beautiful golden tones through the processing.

  3. I’m fond of centered images. Beautiful architectural details and processing–especially the warmth of the column and upper details. Being centered is something I work at.

  4. I love the strength of the column and your beautiful processing, Brenda! The decorative details are so pretty. I’m always looking for balance and centering in images and my life.

  5. I’ve always like centered images. Maybe that is because they look stable and balanced; something I need in my everyday life! Love the beautiful architectural work and the colors.

  6. Beaitiful. Your architectural photography is wonderful. Yourcentered and balanced column and lintel and nicely done. The colors are great together.

  7. I really like what you did here, Brenda!

  8. You have such a talent for drawing life lessons from your photos–you do that every week with your “Wise Words” posts and now we have a bonus for Texture Tuesday.

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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