Drum Listening

Drum Listening


“Listen to your drum
and your drum only.
It’s the one that makes
the sweetest sound.”

Simon Sinek

Choosing my Photo-Heart Connection selection this month was easy – an image from my brief foray into street photography. This felt like such a positive development for me and my photography. There was exhilaration and frustration in equal measure and a steep learning curve to traverse.

But there was also the sweet satisfaction in capturing something I never thought I could capture – dynamic human moments. And from such tiny successes we gain the confidence to tread closer to our own creative edge, pushing that boundary ever outward.

I don’t expect to leave my architectural work behind and switch to portraits and people any time soon. I don’t naturally “see” in that way – my eye stills skips over people, automatically eliminating them from my compositions.

But today my circle of inspiration is wider and my song more complex – just for making the effort.


Linking with the June Edition of the Photo-Heart Connection, hosted by Kat Sloma


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  1. So wonderful Brenda! It’s fun to see you pushing outside of your comfort zone a little bit, and of course, capturing an amazing image. I love the motion and the feeling in this one. Sorry I haven’t been by in a while. Thank you for your continuing participation in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  2. I love your courage to explore and you’ve captured this beautifully. I always feel to self conscious to try and photograph street art or people.

  3. This is a wonderful photograph, Brenda, and a perfect Photo-Heart Connection.

  4. Wonderful image! I can hear the drums! Great PH Connection.

  5. Good for you to try something new, it is so good to continue to push and expand.

  6. I love this photo and the lesson learned. I’m so glad you chose it for your Photo-Heart Connection this month.

  7. I love the image and the quote.

  8. Love this photo, so beautifully captured- & the quote is perfect!

  9. I’m benefitting from reading backwards (referring to your “Beneath the El” post). In this post, street photography seems a pleasant diversion, something of an experiment–but since your architectural practice takes you to the streets, why not also be on the lookout for street opps when they present themselves? For you, it could be the next great thing…

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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