Sometimes you don’t see the theme until later, when reviewing your images.

And then it becomes obvious. You find what you didn’t even know you were searching for.

Like these gridĀ images from our recent weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

Mosaic grids of fractured reflection. Bits of city life, broken and re-formed into something new. Chaotic beauty held in check by an imposed framework of squares and rectangles.

The city, held in gridlock.


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  1. That is so true, that we don’t see the theme until later, when reviewing our images. I love your interpretation of the city here.

  2. Love the theme that emerged. Especially love that second image.

  3. I’ve always been fascinated by the distorted reflections of buildings in the windows of other buildings. You always do a stunning job of capturing them, but these grids with their perfectly straight lines are something special. And I love the phrase “held in gridlock.” Brilliant!

  4. This is one very memorable post…”held in gridlock” is perfect for your photos and sometimes our own personal lives! Made me chuckle. Were you an architect in another life? Your lines are simply too perfect ! I wish life were as “clean up and orderly.” smiles…sharon

  5. These are truly amazing, Brenda!

  6. Love the theme you found! I especially like the first image. It’s just fascinating!

  7. fantastic reflections brenda, the first one is amazing!

  8. Marvelous. I especially like the first and third. These are fun images.

  9. So bright and vibrant! Love these!

  10. I have been away for so long and have much to catch up on. What a place to start! These grid lock images are superb. The first one literally took my breath away. Is it a mirage? Are those buildings really in there? Is the reflection against glass or water? Layers and squares of shimmering beauty. Beautiful!

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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