Under the Awning



I believe we all have a way of seeing and photographing subjects that others don’t see. It is part and parcel of our unique visual world view.

You expand my world by sharing what you see. I marvel at the hidden beauty that you frame – scenes and moments that I walk by, oblivious.

And hopefully, I do the same for you – pointing my camera at unexpected loveliness, such as the striped reflections beneath an awning – a complex layer upon layer of interwoven lines.

Hand-in-hand, we piece together a world of marvels – each of us adding our bits to the grand sparkling mosaic that make up this wondrous world.




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  1. And, I marvel at what you see. So well said and I truly believe this too. I wish more photographers realized (and trusted) their unique way of seeing.

  2. Love this, and yes, I totally agree. Wouldn’t it be amazing to create a giant Picasso-esque image of all the different bits of the mosaic, each little bit seen in a different way. Beautiful stripes and reflections.

  3. I love what you see, Brenda.
    Not only are your images wonderful, but they are of things that “my camera” never seems to see. Gotta do something about that!!! 🙂

  4. Agree fully! What we see and capture is all so different! I love what you see and I love how you capture it!

  5. Been away from the online community of friends for too long…crazy things at my home! But I chose your blog for my first time out to do some visiting…WHY? because I will always be glad that I have read your fluent words and seen your visions you capture with your camera. I am never disappointed! All those strips and lines like a pinwheel blowing in the wind. Hope you are enjoying your new camera, it seems to agree with you beautifully.

  6. yes, so beautifully said & i love seeing the world through your eyes x

  7. When I come here and see what you have seen, I realize how different our perspectives are. And this is a good thing. The artful images you share make me notice things I would otherwise never see.

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