A Civil Relationship


Normally, when it comes to my photography, Mother Nature and I have a civil but distant relationship.

But my new camera has me in experimental mode – pulling back for wider shots than would be my norm. And that means coming to terms with including natural elements in the frame. Here I was attracted by the perfect pattern of emerald lines in the newly-shorn grass – the alternating diagonals marching up to the monument. Nature’s staircase.


If you are a Creative Cloud subscriber, I have another tutorial by Mark S. Johnson to recommend. In Photoshop Workbench 423, Mark discusses texture blending with Adobe Paper Texture Pro – an extension which makes it possible to apply one or more textures to a photograph directly inside Photoshop. As an added bonus, Flypaper has included two free texture collections as part of the plug-in’s launch. Note: Mark is currently upgrading his website – so you may need to check back in a day or two to access the tutorial.

UPDATE: I didn’t realize that the upgrades to Mark’s sites involved converting to a subscription-only plan. If you are still interested in learning more about Adobe Paper Textures Pro, check out this link from Adobe

Texture Tuesday Processing (Photoshop CC)

  • Process my Midtone Contrast action to bring out the details
  • Using a curves adjustment, bring back detail in the sky and monument, using a luminosity mask generated via the Photoshop Luminosity Mask Action Set (by Jimmy McIntrye)
  • Add the Flypaper Collection Texture Nuriel Clouds, blend mode = Multiply (using the Adobe Paper Texture plug-in)
  • Add the Flypaper Collection Texture Stygian Tin, blend mode = Screen  (using the Adobe Paper Texture plug-in)
  • Add the Pixel Dust Abstract Scratches texture, blend mode = Multiply, opacity = 93%  (using the Adobe Paper Texture plug-in)
  • Add the 0312 texture, blend mode = Divide
  • Add a Levels adjustment to increase the overall contrast, especially in the highlights

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette:

June-3-Before June-3-Layers-Palette





Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. I like the wider frame. Love the patterns on the grass, they are like a staircase to the monument

  2. This is a case where I think I prefer the original. It looks unreal – like two or even three images were combined to make one rather surreal one. It may include some Nature, but it’s still a “Brenda,” for sure! I love it.

  3. I, too, prefer the original. The composition is excellent, and I love the patterns created by the mowing stripes. I also like the textures you used. But, they obscure the image. Have you considered a lighter application of the textures?

  4. While I find your processed image appealing, with its layers of textures and tones, I have to agree with seabluelee — the original is beautiful in its own right. The vibrant green in the foreground grabs your attention, and the lines just pull your eye into the picture.

  5. Thank you all for your comments – I appreciate your kind and honest input. This was most definitely an experiment in texture application as well as nature inclusion – perhaps one that didn’t work out quite as successfully as I hoped. Sometimes I am the absolute worst judge of my own work – especially when it contains “out-of-my-norm” elements and composition. Perhaps I have to learn to let be 🙂

  6. This is a really wonderful image, Brenda, and I love the processing you did on it.

  7. I agree with earlier comments that the original photo was beautifully sufficient on its own or, perhaps, that it might have benefitted from a lighter application of the texture treatment. Still, you do your readers a great service by experimenting with techniques and ideas that I, at least, likely wouldn’t find on my own. You go, girl!

  8. I like them both, Brenda. The first one reminds me of maybe a very old painting or a book illustration, something mysterious. I love the lines in the second one. Someone sure works hard at mowing that lawn!

  9. I had to come here to see what you were talking about. I like the original AND the edited image. I often have multiple versions of the same image and like each version for different reasons. I have the Russell Brown texture panel in Photoshop (an Adobe exchange freebie)- although I don’t use it much- is that the one you were talking about? Have you tried his Watercolour Assistant? I can’t get that one to work for me. I do use the free Flypaper textures and LOVE them!

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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