Wise Words Sunday



“There will always
be a door
to the light.”

Shiro Amano


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  1. Thank you for your carefully chosen words and images on Sundays. I really appreciate them. Great timing on this image, by the way.

  2. I love it! Those large doors look small next to the gigantic columns. The red, green, yellow bus reflected, the light, the sky, the red in the entrance, the gold doors. A marvelous image.

  3. What a great illustration for that quote – or vice versa! Those doors look miniature in scale between those enormous columns, while the monochromatic tones of the stone columns and facade pull my eye right to the fascinating, colorful reflections in the doors and windows above.

  4. What a fantastic door that is, and you captured it so beautifully! I like the colorful street car reflection in the doors and the contrast of architectural styles in the windows above them. Those columns are massive! Another nice pairing for your Wise Words Sunday post.

  5. Fantastic perspective and color, Brenda.

  6. Beautiful! Beautiful! I love the symmetry, but really love those reflections, so bright and cheerful contrasting with the solemn marble!

  7. The symmetry, the leading lines, the light from inside, the reflections–all very, very nice. But I must say, I like contrast between the cool colors of building and the warm gold of the doorway best.

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