Art Above

Spectacular. Ornate. Decorative. Dramatic. Intricate.

The ceilings of Cleveland’s Terminal Tower lobby are all that and more. While they are colorfully painted in rich greens and rusts, trimmed in shiny gold leaf, I chose to feature their lines and patterns by converting them to black and white.

A feast for the eyes.


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  1. Oh, my! I’m in heaven! The second image really is perfection…..feeling happy just looking at it. The B&W really accentuates the beautiful designs.

  2. Gorgeous detail in these ceilings, Brenda.

  3. The black and white really highlights all the details. Gorgeous. 🙂

  4. I don’t know how you got that POV on the first one, but I love it! Beauty in shapes and lines that just goes on and on! I would have sore neck if I was in this building!

  5. So many times we forget to look up. I’m glad you did. So much beauty here.

  6. Outstanding! The black and white is perfect for these images.

  7. The B&W treatment does emphasize the gorgeous designs. I’m especially drawn to the third image–liking the curves.

  8. Wow! Even in B&W that is spectacular. I love the closeup with the round chandelier. The detail is gorgeous.

  9. Even with your b&w treatment, we get a hint of the richness of these ceilings. The detail and lighting of the second shot in particular is spectacular.

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