The Red Buoys



The Akron Art Museum is currently featuring the work of artist Tony Feher, an artist who employs a wide-range of everyday materials in his creations. His art “enables us to observe and appreciate the beauty and poetry in the ordinary objects that surround us or simply look at things anew.”

As part of the exhibit, the museum commissioned a special temporary art installation, consisting of three 54-inch tall red marine buoys suspended upside down from the cantilevers that reach out from the roof of the museum, thereby incorporating the building’s architecture into the design.

The cheerful red buoys make a striking statement against the blue sky, swinging ever so gently in the breeze. Their joyful cheekiness makes me smile.






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  1. Nice!
    A simple subject and some great photos.

  2. The red buoys add that bit of bright color to the blue, white and black of the images. You created some excellent compositions. The one with the con trail made me smile.

  3. The buoy reminds me of a happy red balloon! I love the one with the jet trail!

  4. They made me smile too. Thanks for that Brenda, just what I needed, some buoyancy.

  5. I am a big fan of the joyful and the cheeky!

  6. Love the premise of the artist, just my sort of thing, and I love how you’ve captured this. Beautiful contrasts in colours, textures, shapes captured in your own fabulous style. 🙂

  7. This reminded me of the French classic, the Red Balloon. Wonderful happy and “cheeky” shots!

  8. Now isn’t that thoughtful of Tony to hang those red balls, perfectly? And for the breezes to move them around? Perfect timing.

  9. A bright surprise at the museum–they remind me of punching bags. I guess the wind has a chance to play with them even if they are beyond the reach of humans.

  10. ‘joyful cheekiness’ is a great phrase. Very striking, for sure.

  11. I love these! So bright against the blue sky!

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