The Shake-up

It was time – time to shake-up my photographic world.

My beloved Canon G11 has been traded-in, replaced by an Olympus PEN Lite – a compact system camera with interchangeable lenses. Yes, I have stepped over the cliff, trusting the net really will appear.

As I wrote here, I have never had much interest in gear – in fact, photography equipment discussions make my eyes glaze over and my body to twitch. While I did put in the time learning how to operate my G11, I have always believed that it was the person pushing the shutter button that mattered the most in creating good images.

Of course, my equipment choice did impact the kind of images I could create – I can’t pretend otherwise. Not much in the way of out-of-focus backgrounds or beautiful bokeh or wide-angle views in my previous repertoire. I finally outgrew what I had and needed a new challenge.

And a challenge it is – learning how to operate this new piece of technology. Learning about lenses – wide-angle versus telephoto; prime versus zoom; selection of focal length. Questions I never had to consider with my G11 – it all makes my head spin.

It has been both exhilarating and frustrating in equal measure.

But I can sense that exhilaration is winning.

(The above image was taken on my first outing with the Olympus.) 


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  1. Yayaya! So excited to see your eye, through the new camera.
    ps. I love Olympus.

  2. Hooray for new cameras! Yet I understand that mind boggling time of learning how to use something new. Have fun with it. I’ll look forward to seeing what you are able to accomplish.

  3. Congrats, Kat! I’m sure you will be an expert on your new camera soon. Have fun!

  4. That looks like a pretty amazing camera! Congratulations, Brenda. I predict that once you make it through the initial learning curve, you’re going to love the new possibilities it opens up for you.
    (I had an Olympus Pen once, about a hundred years ago. It was a half-frame camera that I loved because it was small and gave me 72 photos from a 36-exposure roll of film. Great for travel!)

  5. The new camera looks great (I just looked at the link). Still small, but with more flexibility. My approach is to buy photo equipment only when I’ve outgrown my current equipment, or, when it breaks. Seems you have done the same. Lovely first image.

  6. How fun to get a new camera. I know you’ll have fun discovering what it and you can do together. I love my micro four-thirds camera.

  7. Enjoy your new camera, Brenda.
    I am sure that you will become very good friends. 🙂

  8. How exciting! A new camera! I know you’ll be comfortable with if very quickly! You’ve certainly started out well! Love the depth in your image. It seems to go on forever! Looking forward to many more amazing shots!

  9. In a different time and place–if, perhaps, you were the opposite gender, I suspect you might have been an explorer. You are, certainly, a seeker–for artistry, for technique, for perfection, and much more. You and this new camera are destined to do great things together. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  10. Well this was a surprise posting…and not on April Fool’s Day. Your first outing’s photo is fabulous. You are very smart in technical quagmires…you will do fantastic. I know you will learn it quickly, and then continue to learn more…that is the thing with these cameras, you never get to the end of the learning curve. I hope you are very very happy. The day is fast approaching when I will start selling my BIG stuff. The weight and transport for travel is getting more difficult. I will have to research when the time comes. Maybe you will post an article on why you decided upon the Olympus. My first film cameras were Olympus…and my high school had the same name….something good about that. congratulations.

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