Touch the Sky


“Only from the heart
Can you touch the sky.”


I set out with no real expectations – just a short walk in downtown Canton, along streets I have traveled hundreds of times. But the sun was shining and the sky was blue, smeared with a wash of cloud, and it was good to be out in the bracing chill of a late March afternoon.

I stood across the street from this building – something I have photographed numerous times – and marveled at the way the reflected sky painted itself on the arched windows. I framed things wider than normal in order to surround the brick edifice with that azure sky. And then I walked on.

It was only with post-processing that I recognized the hidden beauty of this image. The optical illusion effect – it’s as if you are seeing through the windows to the sky beyond. As if the building itself is full of sky.

And I thought about how each of us sometimes hides behind our outer façade – concealing the fullness and blueness of that wide-open space that fills each of us.

Shall we share our inner sky?

Linking with the March Edition of the Photo-Heart Connection, hosted by Kat Sloma


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  1. Wow, Brenda, your image and metaphor are both amazing. Just what I needed to hear today.

    “each of us sometimes hides behind our outer façade – concealing the fullness and blueness of that wide-open space that fills each of us.”

    Thank you!

  2. Love how you’ve captured beyond the façade in both image and words.

  3. That see-through effect makes this image quite surreal, but your words give it a deeper meaning.

  4. A great Photo-Heart Connection, Brenda, and that sky is just amazing!

  5. I LOVED this image when I saw it on Flickr, and I love the message you see in it today. Wow. You pose a great question. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection. I think this image is an all-time favorite for me of your work. Simple yet powerful.

  6. This image is magical, Brenda. I, too, was drawn to it on Flickr and now I like it even more as I see it again. What a wonderful metaphor that asks a very important question. Kudos to you!

  7. Oooooh. Oooooh on the photo, the reflections, the complimentary colors, the Rumi quote and then your interpretation. Facades and inner beings. Oooooh.
    Hope you are well my friend. Missing you and your amazing photos.

  8. Great capture and great thought to go with it.

  9. oh such a great photo and post! love the connection …

  10. This is an amazing photo. Once again, though, your words win the day for me. The second sentence, in particular, is as graphic as the image is.

  11. Yes, let’s share our inner sky. Your insights are meaningful.
    Marvelous image. I love it! Love the sky and the detailed building in the middle, and the sky reflected in/or showing through the windows. Outstanding.

  12. What more can I add! It’s an amazing capture of the sky especially reflected in the windows! I love your thoughts and how you express them.

  13. I am amazed once more by your vision. I love the wide view as it does seem the sky can be seen through the windows. Is the building floating heavenward or is it grounded? Can’t say for sure, but it is thought provoking! :o)

  14. Such a beautiful image & it does look like a building filled with sky!

  15. This is fabulous, the image and your PHC…what an incredible sky!

  16. Amazing photo and wonderful photo-heart connection. This made me think of a book that I read long ago, which title was about this same concept: don´t you know sky is inside yoy?
    Indeed, it is

  17. What a magnificent image. And I love the lesson you draw from it

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