Hidden Gems

When you don’t shoot everyday, your photo archive becomes tremendously important – at least, if you want to maintain a regular posting schedule.

That has been a surprising benefit of my recent photo hibernation: the discovery of hidden gems. Images that deserved a second look. Images I ignored the first time around.

Like this series, from a corporate parking lot and the attached skywalk, with its ruby, emerald and sapphire accents and silvery reflections.

I’m glad I dug deeper – searched a little harder – gave these images a chance to shine.



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  1. I’m so glad you dug deeper and found these wonderful images, Brenda. I especially like the shiny lines and contrasting colors of the second one — just beautiful! So you are taking a photography break, is that right? Sounds like a great idea to dig into the archives and discover new treasures.

  2. These are worth a second look. Glad you found them. I love the colors. I like them all, but my favorite is number 2–it seems to glow with energy.

  3. Oooh the colors and lines are just gorgeous. As Anita writes, they do seem to have an energy about them.

  4. These images are definitely worth the time it took to locate them. Love the colors; the saturated tones of the last one are especially beautiful.

  5. What a very cool series of colorful abstracts. Yes – archives are gifts!

  6. The colour combinations really stand out to me. I love them all and am so glad you kept them.

  7. I love the lines and colors. What striking images!

  8. Love the colors! You did find some treasures!

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