Wise Words Sunday


“I do not bring beauty to people’s lives;
I, perhaps, draw their attention to beauty
which is already there.”

George Buytendorp


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  1. This looks like the facets of a diamond, gorgeous colors.

  2. I love the complexity of the lines and angles and shapes in this photo! Wonderful! They are complex, but clear.
    The quote fits your work perfectly!

  3. I love all of these lines and angles, Brenda.
    Lots of great light too.

  4. You certainly bring the beauty of architecture to my eyes! I always get excited when I’m out and see a “Brenda” shot! I have quite a few photos that I would never have taken if I hadn’t met you!

  5. Nice quote! You certainly do draw attention to beautiful lines, shadows & reflections with your photographs.

  6. This week’s quote truly embodies what you do through your photographs. It looks like a kaleidoscope, a shattered mirror, a faceted gem, an abstract painting…all at once. How you do it is beyond me.

  7. You certainly do draw people’s attention to existing beauty. You have a talent for seeing what others (that would be me) miss and then sharing that beauty here.

  8. Culling from my last photos…count the shades of blue? Amazing and beautiful…a modern day watercolor.

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