Study in Blue

A study in blue.

Sometimes that is all you need – sunshine, blue skies and a shiny, reflective building. And several changes in perspective.

Oh, yeah – plus a soaring airplane and its white contrail, a delicate whisper across the sky.


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  1. Great perspectives and very well aligned lines. Also the architecture is very “photogenic”.

  2. I totally agree that is sometimes all you need – blue and lines. The airplane added a nice touch.

  3. I honestly don’t know how you see these images, a unique gift.

  4. In that first image, the white line in upper right hand corner is just right–holds it together. In fact, the white lines in all the images work to hold the images together. I agree with Kathryn–I don’t know how you see these images! Good eye!

  5. Who knew having the blues could be such a good thing? You see things like no one else! These are beautiful.

  6. These are so very cool! Love the geometric lines and shapes. Such a wonderful abstraction…

  7. Amazing blue & great reflections & lines!

  8. These are stunning! In the first one, I love how the building looks so sturdy with all those strong, straight lines and then you see the contrast of the wavy lines in the reflection! Awesome perspective!!

  9. Hi, Brenda. This just takes my breath away! The blue, the reflections, the geometric design. It hits all the things I love. Truly beautiful!

  10. Love these. Gorgeous colour and love those lines. 🙂

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