A Celebration of Number 10

I joined Flickr in 2009 because it was the homework platform for my digital photography class.

In the years since, it has become a record of my growth as a photographer, a repository of my 365 project attempts and, along with this blog, a means to share my artistic vision. Of course, there are also a fair number of cringe-worthy images out there – but I look at them with fondness, knowing they are stepping stones to where I find myself today.

This year Flickr celebrates its 10th birthday – which is a lifetime in internet years. And as part of the celebration, Flickr created a birthday video  featuring the work of over 150 photographers. Amazingly, out of the millions of photographs, two of my images were selected to be featured in the video and the accompanying commemorative photo book. Flickr will promote the video and the featured photographers and their work at the South by Southwest festival in this month.

To say I was floored is certainly an understatement. Indeed, I am deeply honored to be included in this project – representing all the artists who share their work through the Flickr community.

If you watch the video, I’ll give you a hint – the images are organized to represent the numbers one through ten, in a countdown format (or, to be accurate, a “count-up”). The image above represents the number four. My second image falls into the number ten group – I’ll let you guess which one is mine.


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  1. A very big congratulations to you, Brenda.
    This is so truly well-deserved.
    Happy day to you!

  2. What an honor! My heartfelt congratulations to you!

  3. Brenda, that’s awesome, and so well-deserved. Congratulations!

  4. How cool is that, congratulations Benda. :0)

  5. Congrats, Brenda! What fun to be recognized in this special way. Wow – Flickr is 10 years old!

  6. A big CONGRATULATIONS! Well deserved. I recognized this image the minute I saw it. It is stunning!

  7. Goodness Gracious what a fabulous surprise for you to learn you were are a part, two times a part, of this huge Flickr anniversary project. Pleased to know you, Brenda! Always fun to know a “star”….. Chuckles aside, you truly do deserve to be included. You have NEVER WAVERED from your goals to become a first class photographer; to STICK with your VISION of what is your own unique STYLE; and all without fancy cameras, lenses, doo-dads. I truly admire that about you.
    Be sure to keep us up to date on everything. And once more, this truly is a lovely surprise for you and then for the followers of your work. This is one happy day. smiles: sharon

  8. So fantastic! Congratulations and so well deserved.

  9. A great idea for a video and I’m so glad that two of your images are a part of it. Can’t believe that I’ve been on Flickr since 2006!

  10. I’m so proud for you! This is fantastic! You definitely deserve to have your images recognized!

  11. Oh my gosh!! This is fantastic. Congratulations!!!!

  12. How nice to see your work featured this way. Congratulations!

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