Spiral Down

I have been in a texture rut. Each of my experiments looked the same as the last piece.

So I figured I would give this week a break. Especially because the theme of “From Above” didn’t leave me with many options – while I have dozens of “looking up” images, the downward perspective wasn’t something I did very often.

But then you know how when you have almost given up, when inspiration seems to have deserted you and creativity is a long-forgotten friend, suddenly, it all comes together? Don’t you just love that moment?

So here it is – my from-above-spiraling-down creation – a reminder to keep experimenting.


Texture Tuesday Processing – Photoshop CC

  • Run my Surreal Painting action (details can be found here)
  • Process the Coffeeshop Blog Cross-Processing action. Delete all layers except for the “Contrast” layer, blend mode = Overlay. Mask the bottom floor area so the texture shows through.
  • Add the Mary texture, blend mode = Linear Burn

Below is the original image and the Photoshop layers palette:

Mar-11-Layers-Palette Mar-11-Before

Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


Posted on March 11, 2014, in Photoshop and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 15 Comments.

  1. love the edit, reminds me of a coffee cup, so nicely done.

  2. Looks nice. Sometime textures are overdone but I think you found a good balance here.

  3. And what a great metaphor for the creative process – spiralling down.

  4. This is just amazing! great texture work!

  5. Love this. Yay for inspiration flashes!

  6. It looks gorgeous. I agree, never give up experimenting. I sometimes feel like everything looks the same and my creativity is gone way south – and suddenly, it all comes together. Just as you said.

  7. I’m so glad you didn’t give up! I love this spiral staircase from the top down. Marvelous!

  8. Yes, I love that moment and your image.

  9. This could be spiraling up or spiraling down. I like it a lot! Using only part of the circle is intriguing. Excellent processing.

  10. Awesome image! Lovely texture work too – i love how it ages the image and gives it such interest.

  11. Oh, goodie — a spiral! You know I love them. This is a wonderful image and your processing adds so much depth. We never can predict when inspiration will come.

  12. Great shot with wonderful colors. It’s a big backwards “C.”

  13. I am drawn to the abstractness of this. Great take on “from above”.

  14. Brenda, I love it when you get “stuck in a rut” because you always break out of it with something extraordinary. This is a fascinating image. I also had to go back and look at your Surreal Painting action, because somehow I missed that post. I loved that – I wonder if there’s some way to adapt it for PS Elements. I’ll have to experiment with that.

I greatly appreciate your comments!

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