Returning Again


No – your eyes do not deceive – I again bring you skylight shots.

Enjoying the winter sunshine and a relative heat wave – it was in the high twenties – I ventured downtown for a photo walk. After braving the elements until my fingers were numb, I decided to warm up in the lobby of the landmark hotel in the heart of our city.

I’ve made photographs here before, but was never quite satisfied with the results.

But on this day, the sun threw interesting shadows upon the walls below and I finally discovered how to bring you this scene, in the way I saw it in my head. Graphically rich, in stark black and white, a celebration of line and shape.

At the same time, I learned a lesson in not giving up on a scene. Sometimes you aren’t ready to see what is there, the first time. Or even the second or third. Sometimes you have to keep going back until you recognize the beauty you see and are able to bring it to life within the frame.




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  1. So much truth in what you said…that we are sometimes not ready to see the beauty in a place. The black and white treatment here is just perfect.

  2. Gorgeous black and white images, Brenda, and a great place to photograph on a cold, winter’s day.

    There’s so much truth in saying that we’re not always ready to see the beauty the first or second time. I’d also add that it’s worth going back because it’s different every time, depending on the time of day or the light.

    I’ve been struck lately by Fern Berman’s abstracts and she “typically observes a subject for months or years until the decisive instant when the light, composition and color are just right.” I’m striving for that kind of patience.

  3. Your excursion’s journey that brought you to that point at that time when the light & shadows were just right is what I find fascinating. Glad you took that first step out the door when you did.

  4. A heat wave in the 20s -wow- is that celsius? Just kidding, I know it’s been a brutal winter. Hope it will be over soon.

    Your skylights are beautiful, I am especially attracted to the middle one, with it’s symmetry.
    I’ve been reading more about contemplative photography, and it seems many of the authors recommend sitting and observing a place for hours before you photograph. I don’t think I have the patience to do that, but I have noticed that when I return to a place it always looks different. The light is always changing, isn’t it?

  5. Nice job with these images. I find it fascinating that you see the image in your mind before you take the shot. I have a question: Do you use a tripod for these indoor scenes? I’m thinking not, as I believe you like to be rather unobtrusive.

  6. Gorgeous Brenda, nobody does lines like you do.

  7. It’s so true about returning again and always seeing it thru new eyes. Love these skylights in b&w. So simple..elegant…clear.

  8. So true! I often return to places and always see things differently. Your skylight images are wonderful!

  9. There is great depth in these photographs…I can feel myself looking up, up, up. You do as you say: you do go back to places and revisit many times. I clearly agree with you. I think of my living room, for example….how many different ways, times of day or night, high or low could I photograph it. To infinity and back.

  10. I do like the stark, monochrome treatment you’ve given these photos. It really does celebrate the shapes, shadows, reflections, and angles that are your trademarks.

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