Golden Rings



Four years ago, my passion for photography was ignited – here at the local community college. Even after hundreds of photographs of its buildings, both inside and out, it remains a favorite place to explore.

On a recent visit, I discovered that new lighting fixtures had been installed in the third floor skylight – concentric rings of gold.

How could I resist their beauty?




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  1. Amazing imagery! Each one glorious in line, shape, and form! Beautifully seen!

  2. You create art with your images, such cool captures.

    Brenda, I wanted to let you know that I selected two winners of my poetry book and you were one of them. Simply email your address to me at and I’ll get it in the mail to you. Congratulations. Kathryn x

  3. You did a great job of photographing these golden rings in ways that make them look quite different in each image. This is something I want to work on.
    The second image appeals to me because it is both centered and off centered. A fun image. The last image pops because the rings are set-off by the black.
    The first image, the least interesting, tells me what I’m seeing.

  4. You said they are light fixtures, so the rings themselves must be illuminated. They are lovely. My favorite photo is the last one – the rectilinear skylights and curved rings, and especially the placement of the golden rings against the dark background. Just beautiful!

  5. Nice, really nice!
    They offer a lot of possibilities, but your first tries are top.

  6. I think what I love most about the rings is their shadows! You POV In each one is fantastic!

  7. Oh, these are fabulous! I can see why you like to go to this place…just in these few images.

  8. of course! how could you resist? beautiful shots. I love the middle one.

  9. How appropriate to discover golden rings during the Olympics! They are beautiful, and I like the different ways you’ve shown them. The last one is my fave too, with the gold against the black, with the blue rectangles above it.

  10. Wow, each photo better than the one before.

    For me, these photos prove the value of frequent excursions to familiar locations. You noticed and subsequently photographed to great advantage changes to a place you know well.

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