Sky Spectacle


“The spectacle of the sky
overwhelms me.”

Joan Miro

And for me – what better way to celebrate the “spectacle of the sky” than through the “looking-up” architecture of a skylight.

The frigid weather has kept me and my camera indoors. So the photo archives serve as the source of inspiration to fill this space.

From the Columbus Convention Center to the Akron Art Museum to the Cleveland Art Museum to the National Gallery of Art – all variations on a theme. Sunlight, traveling through glass – creating reflections and shadows, lines and patterns – as I stand below, capturing skylight beauty.



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  1. OH, how we could all use a little sunlight right now! Striking images! They all have such great shadows and lines! I think my favorite is the first on. It’s hard to tell between real and shadows!

  2. You draw our attention to so many details that otherwise I would overlook. This is a great reminder to me to look up and find that light and reflections. Beautiful!

  3. Each photo is brilliantly done. The first image, through light and shadow, is so three dimensional. It’s as if one could stand on the shadows. Truly an amazing image. The quote is perfect for every view looking up.

  4. Beautiful blues, beautifully framed. I love that first image so much – all those layers of light and shadow, both on the wall and reflected upon the sky. Just gorgeous!

  5. I love your theme — I will now look at skylights with new eyes. Your first image is magical — what wonderful light and lines! I am thrilled to have gray skies and RAIN for a few days, making a bit of dent in our terrible drought.

  6. Got to love that blue that is so beautifully framed by your images. Your ability to see this kind of magic always leaves me in awe.

  7. These are fantastic, Brenda, especially the last one.
    Those likes are really something.

  8. It’s always interesting to read the other comments on your posts to see others’ perspectives of your work. Your images are all spectacular, but I’m going to claim the second-to-last as my favorite in this series. I like the simplicity of it, and the contrast between the cool blue of the sky and the comparatively warm, reflection-streaked gray of the structure.

  9. There is something extra special in the first image. I like the checkered pattern created by the shadows, the repetition of shapes, the diagonals intersecting with the horizontals and verticals, the colors.

  10. It’s like being in the warmth of the summer sun in the midst of winter. Love the abstraction in the first image – shadows and shapes and light. Great eye!

  11. serialphotographer

    A lovely shot

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