Wise Words Sunday

“The art of simplicity
is a puzzle of complexity.”

Douglas Horton


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  1. Brenda you simply must contact National Geographic, some magazine that specialized in photography and get in print. Your work is always spot on. And there are very few I would say this to….consider self publishing or even Blurb….you have too strong of a voice to not preserve it……..your camera and eye are right on……

  2. Perfect quote to go with this image. Complex intersection of lines. I like that some lines are squiggly. I think the vertical lines anchor the image.

  3. Such a perfect pairing of word and image. YES!!!

  4. Great quote on simplicity, with your amazing shot to illustrate it so perfectly. I’ve always thought you should have an exhibit of your images — isn’t there a gallery or studio near you that features different artists? Our local Starbucks has a monthly rotation of art, and all I had to do was ask to get on the list for consideration. Would this be something you’d like to do?

  5. What a perfect photograph for this wonderful quote, Brenda!

  6. Your wonderful eyes have done it again,found the most amazing reflection and captured it beautifully! Stunning colors and lines!

  7. Great quote and perfect illustration!

  8. Wonderful quote and image!

  9. A puzzle for sure! What’s real, what’s reflection? And, is a reflection less than real? In your hands, heart, and eyes–definitely not!

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