It was photo-heaven.

On Tuesday, I featured the original Cleveland Museum of Art building. Today, we take a look inside the new atrium – all glass and wood and concrete, which gently surrounds and incorporates the existing structure.

For me – lover of all things architectural – it was the perfect photographic experience.





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  1. Really fantastic lines in each of these, Brenda!

  2. You got some marvelous images! I especially like the last one, with all those intersecting lines, shadows, reflections.

  3. So glad you got a bit of photo- heaven, Brenda! It looks like the ideal place for your camera — all those wonderful lines and textures! When I scrolled through your images, the black and white lines of third one vibrated — wow, special effects! My fave is the last one — it has so many interesting layers of lines and reflections.

  4. Glass, concrete, metal, light, shadows, reflections, geometric lines and angles of all sorts. That sounds like a description of Brenda Photo-Heaven for sure! I suspect we’ll be seeing more of this place. I love the diagonals and colors of the third one, and that last one is just amazing. As Gina said, so many layers and reflections! It’s hard to tell reality from illusion.

  5. Yes, photo heaven for sure! Good for you for getting out there and finding places that draw you in, that speak to you. We are so fortunate that you share that experience here.

  6. Every image a beauty! My fav is the image of concrete. Wonderful tones and that shiny bar running along the bottom…perfect. I also like the light and shadow patterns.

  7. Such gorgeous photos! You do architecture so beautifully, all those lines, reflections & shadows.

  8. You have the eye and the talent…very intriguing photos, all of them.

  9. These are beautiful images, Brenda. I doubt the museum could find a more enthusiastic of its architectural attributes.

  10. I image your heart was beating quite rapidly as you wandered around the museum! What gorgeous architecture and gorgeous images of it! I really like the concrete one, but my favorite is the last. I feel like I could walk into this image and just get lost. Not in a scary way, but in a wonderful way…lost in it’s beauty!

  11. Heaven, indeed. I can never get enough of your architectural photography. A bit of heaven for me every time, with every image!

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