Embracing Art

Built in 1916, the façade above is the front entrance of the Cleveland Museum of Art, a world-renowned museum and a jewel of the Northeast Ohio art scene.

From 2005 until 2013, the museum underwent a major expansion and renovation. The results are stunning. The architect chose to embrace the sides of the original building with modern glass and stonework – the rear is now completely enclosed by a soaring atrium, marrying old and new in a unique way. On Thursday, I will feature images of that transformation.

But today we celebrate the neo-classical beauty of the original – with its stately columns and pediment – still the face of the museum almost a century later.


Texture Tuesday Processing – Photoshop CC

  • Process the Pencil Sketch Technique, setting opacity of the group to 95%
  • Add the BB1 texture, blend mode set to Multiply
  • Add the Confusion texture, blend mode set to Pin Light
  • Copy the background layer (CTRL+J), moving it above the texture layers. Set blend mode to Color Burn and opacity to 50%
  • Add a Saturation adjustment, lowering the saturation level to -19
  • Add an empty layer, filling with 50% gray. Set the blend mode to Overlay. Using the Dodge tool, with the Range set to Midtones and the Exposure value to 15%, lighten the edges to create a frame.
  • Switching to the Burn tool, with the Range set to Highlights and the Exposure value to 50%, darken some of the architectural details of the building

Below is the original image:


Linking with Texture Tuesday, hosted by Kim Klassen


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  1. Good morning…I love the processing of your image…Embracing Art for sure. And thank you for the recipe. I still have a long way to go with CS6, but the instructions make more sense to me these days. I’m always impressed with the color and tone you achieve with the way you treat your work…always soothing somehow.

  2. Brenda this is just wonderful!! I love the airy feel you’ve added with the processing!

  3. Lovely! After your processing, this image looks like a beautiful old tapestry.

  4. Wonderful post processing on the image, Brenda. The light and tones really create an timeless and old world atmosphere. I can’t wait to see how the architect combined it with the new.

  5. Such a beautifully artistic rendering of the ancient architecture. Love the dreamy painterly resultant effect.

  6. What a beautiful building. Your image makes me think of a very old, hand-tinted photograph. I’m looking forward to seeing more in your next post.

  7. A classic facade. I look forward to seeing the rest.

  8. Love the ancient feel of the processing!

  9. It looks so aged with your choice of editing processing — vintage feel is beautiful – works really well with the image you have here..

  10. Beautiful work. Love the texture you’ve used here.

  11. A beautiful building made more “romantic” and “misty” with textures…enhances beautifully.

  12. Hurrah for renovations that marry old with new. And hurrah for you, using your talents to remind us of both.

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